Twelve Bridges debut recap

Our debut show was a blast. The Cadieux is one of my favorite places to play, the room was crowded all night, and good vibes were in good supply. My cover band Brothers, Inc opened the show with a fun set (or seemed so). They were followed by one of my favorite local bands, Sold Only as Curio. And they mesmerized the room with their own brand of pop/funk/world music.

Our set kicked of at just over midnight and went pretty smoothly. I felt like my voice was ready to go, but I made it until the end and left the stage proud of what we accompished within a few short months. I can’t wait to write some more music and then hit the studio with this group.

And a bit of video from the show. The mix is pretty off because of where the camera is placed, but you get the idea (I hope).

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