Twisted Tonic

So I wasn’t looking for another band. Really. But here we are.

twistedtonicSome time in 2018, I started sitting in with a Celtic band called McSpillin. We played County Oakland Irish Festival together in 2017 and became fast friends. I’d run down to the Gaelic League every month to watch them play and they were gracious to have me on stage for a few songs here and there. When they needed a sub to play guitar and sing a bit, I sat in with them. And it became more of a thing as the year progressed.

They are a lot of fun to play with and I love singing with them. So we decided to just do it up right. Joni Cavanaugh and Jenny Atkinson have been singing together since they were in grade school. Each of them sings like an angel and their voices blend perfectly. I get to add another harmony and play with Sean Cavanaugh, who is a beast on the banjo.

We’ll be at the Gaelic League the first Friday of every month in 2020 and we’re looking to book some other shows too. Stay tuned!

Twelve Bridges on the Radio

Twelve Bridges was featured on WHFR.FM for their Live from Studio J broadcast, hosted by Scott Boatright. It was a mix of interview and live music, with about a dozen songs and lots of chatter. If you’re interested in our music and what’s behind the band and some of the music, here you go!

To play/download the show, click here.

So what’s happening?

A lot. As always, I have a lot of things going and just got off a run of four gigs, with four different acts, in five days. This comes at the end of a productive period where I’ve written and recorded new music with Twelve Bridges (and played the Hamtramck Music Festival), done some choice gigs with my duo partner Chrissy Morgan, and got through a busy St. Patrick’s season with Madigan’s Attic. I’ve also been sitting in with my friends McSpillin here and there, and playing solo shows when I can.

So it’s been busy.

What’s on tap? Well, more gigs, including another Twelve Bridges show at The Cadieux Cafe on June 29. And definitely more recording. We definitely have an album’s worth of music ready to record, we’re just deciding how we want to approach that process and who should be involved. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are some pics from the first half of 2019, in no particular order.

Twelve Bridges debut recap

Our debut show was a blast. The Cadieux is one of my favorite places to play, the room was crowded all night, and good vibes were in good supply. My cover band Brothers, Inc opened the show with a fun set (or seemed so). They were followed by one of my favorite local bands, Sold Only as Curio. And they mesmerized the room with their own brand of pop/funk/world music.

Our set kicked of at just over midnight and went pretty smoothly. I felt like my voice was ready to go, but I made it until the end and left the stage proud of what we accompished within a few short months. I can’t wait to write some more music and then hit the studio with this group.

And a bit of video from the show. The mix is pretty off because of where the camera is placed, but you get the idea (I hope).

Twelve Bridges on deck

Twelve Bridges is making it’s debut on Friday, Jan 4 at the Cadieux Cafe in Detroit. It has been great to see things come together in just a few months. We have written and arranged fives new songs from scratch. We’ve adapted a few others songs I’ve written for our band. And we’ve pulled together some very select covers to round out the set for now. And we’re ready to rock.

Stay tuned.

New Beginnings…

Mark December 29 on your calendars. I’ll be debuting a new band, Twelve Bridges, at the Cadiuex Cafe in Detroit. We’ll be joined by Sold Only as Curio and my cover band Brothers Inc. for the show.

So what kind of band is Twelve Bridges? It’s comprised of me (lead vocals and guitar), Julia Hickling (vocals), Jamie Gawecki (drums), Mark Newport (bass), and Josh Shaughnessy (guitar). We will be playing a few tunes from my solo EP and we’re writing new music to debut at the Cadieux show. The songs are some rock. Some Americana. Some places in between. Jamie and Mark lay down the groove, Julia and I harmonize, and Josh adds that sweet sugar on top.

Stay tuned!

Update: Our show has been pushed back to January 4–the first show under the new ownership.