My Bands

I’m currently playing with four bands. I have lots of videos of my live music in all its iterations posted on my YouTube page. The bands I play in are:


McSpillin has been playing their mix of Celtic, folk, and Americana music around Metrot Detroit for almost ten years. I has been sitting in with them now and again in 2018 and 2019, and in January he became an official member of the band. McSpillin can be found at the Gaelic League in Detroit the first Saturday of every month.

Brothers Inc

I’ve been playing with these guys in some form or another since I was in high school. Brothers Inc is just old school classic rock played with some enthusiasm and fun. We only play a few times a year, but it’s always a blast.

Madigan’s Attic

Madigan’s Attic got together in 2012 to play a St. Patrick’s Day show. We had so much fun we decided to just keep playing and having fun and that’s just what we’ve done. People who see us talk about the harmonies. We do a collection of music from the 60s through today along with traditional Irish music and the occasional original.

ABC (Acoustic Bruce and Chrissy)

For seven years (!) I’ve been playing duo gigs with the very talented Chrissy Morgan. She has a fantastic voice and she’s even busier than I am! We do a genuinely eclectic mix of rock, funk, folk, jazz, standards, Irish, and whatever else pops into our head. She is down in Kentucky for now.

Some bands from the recent past

Twelve Bridges

After Six and the Sevens wrapped up, I started thinking about what was next for me. I wanted to write and play original music with a new group and I was able to talk some great musicians (and friends) into joining me. The new music is a mix of rock, pop, and Americana. For more information, click here.

Six and the Sevens

Six and the Sevens were an originals band that recorded three albums–the third, It Has to be That Way was released in November 2016. We played at some of the coolest venues in the Detroit area. I think most people would call us power pop, which I’m completely comfortable with. We will be reuniting for Bennyfit this year.

Robin Moore Band

The Robin Moore Band is officially broken up, but we unofficially play gigs now and again because we really enjoy making music with each other and people still ask us to play sometimes. This band is a mix of, old country, blues, and rock. Robin, Tom, and Garry go out as a trio somewhat regularly (as Ruby T and Valentine).