Singer/songwriter Bruce Farrell enjoys exploring different musical outlets and genres. He plays solo acoustic shows, duo shows with Chrissy Morgan, trio shows with Madigan’s Attic, and full band shows with Twelve Bridges, McSpillin, and Brothers Inc. He plays folk and rock covers. He plays traditional Irish music. And of course he plays the music he writes.

Well, he used to.

I suffered a TBI in July 2020 after a fall from my bicycle. I have aphasia.


I have trouble speaking and writing. Recovery has been difficult and slow. I’m a little bit better every day. But I play guitar! And I really just started singing lead.

Twelve Bridges have gone. So I play out with McSpillin, Brother Inc, Chrissy Morgan, and Madigan’s Attic.

Interested in buying some of Bruce’s music? You can find his 2018 solo CD, North & 32, on iTunes and Amazon.