Being a musician in these times…

So everything around Covid-19 really ramped up fast. Here in Detroit, we went from telling people to exercise some caution to cancelling events in a flash. It was a bit stunning to see all of my St. Patrick’s gigs (six of them) go away over a 24 hour period.

But I get it. We’re not going to make this virus go away, but there is great wisdom in doing the things we can to slow it’s spread. And all the St. Patrick events on my calendar involved a whole lot of people being packed tightly together for hours at a time. So it was a tough call and it kind of sucks to see the gigs go away, it was absolutely the right call.

So what’s next? I certainly don’t know. I’ll continue to play shows in smaller rooms where the patrons aren’t stacked together–presuming that doesn’t stop too. We’ll get back to normal, but it may take a while. Hoping all of you stay safe and be smart.

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