Twisted Tonic

So I wasn’t looking for another band. Really. But here we are.

twistedtonicSome time in 2018, I started sitting in with a Celtic band called McSpillin. We played County Oakland Irish Festival together in 2017 and became fast friends. I’d run down to the Gaelic League every month to watch them play and they were gracious to have me on stage for a few songs here and there. When they needed a sub to play guitar and sing a bit, I sat in with them. And it became more of a thing as the year progressed.

They are a lot of fun to play with and I love singing with them. So we decided to just do it up right. Joni Cavanaugh and Jenny Atkinson have been singing together since they were in grade school. Each of them sings like an angel and their voices blend perfectly. I get to add another harmony and play with Sean Cavanaugh, who is a beast on the banjo.

We’ll be at the Gaelic League the first Friday of every month in 2020 and we’re looking to book some other shows too. Stay tuned!

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