New Beginnings…

Mark December 29 on your calendars. I’ll be debuting a new band, Twelve Bridges, at the Cadiuex Cafe in Detroit. We’ll be joined by Sold Only as Curio and my cover band Brothers Inc. for the show.

So what kind of band is Twelve Bridges? It’s comprised of me (lead vocals and guitar), Julia Hickling (vocals), Jamie Gawecki (drums), Mark Newport (bass), and Josh Shaughnessy (guitar). We will be playing a few tunes from my solo EP and we’re writing new music to debut at the Cadieux show. The songs are some rock. Some Americana. Some places in between. Jamie and Mark lay down the groove, Julia and I harmonize, and Josh adds that sweet sugar on top.

Stay tuned!

Update: Our show has been pushed back to January 4–the first show under the new ownership.

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