New EP is almost here

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It’s finally time to release my EP, North & 32. I recorded it late last year with Bryan Akcasu but delayed the release while I took care of a pile of other things. Full details and links will be released soon. The release party will be June 1 at my  favorite little Brewery, North Center Brewing Company. I’ll be joined by Chrissy Morgan and perhaps a few other guests. Stay tuned.

Here is the track listing:

  1. Summer Morn
  2. Sweet Maria
  3. Green
  4. The MTN Song
  5. Don’t Run Away
  6. Wonder

Edit: I made a last minute call and decided not to release “Nothing to Say.” The more I listened to it, the less I liked how it fit the rest of the songs on this CD. I replaced it with an instrumental called “Wonder.” I wrote it recently and couldn’t stop playing it. So I recorded it, sent it out to Bryan for some production love, and it will round out the EP.


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