Tom Farrell Memorial Bandfest

rmbYesterday was the 14th Annual Tom Farrell Memorial Bandfest at the Madison Heights Eagles. This is a charity benefit founded by my father (the aforementioned Tom Farrell) to raise money for cancer research. And every year there is music from noonish to closing with local bands donating their time. My cover band, Brothers Inc, has played the event every year and for the last 10 or so we’ve provided the PA and run sound all day. It’s always a lot of fun and it’s great to see so many people come together for a worthy cause.

This year we had ten bands and I played in three of them (Madigan’s Attic, The Robin Moore Band, and Brothers Inc). Our sets all went well and every other band (ten of them played) nailed it. Top to bottom, this was the best music we’ve had at this event. Hands down.

Leaving aside the music and the cause, this event is particularly special to me because my father is still so present in that place and at that event. The room is filled with people who knew and loved my father and they aren’t at all shy about telling me so. Which just warms my heart. He meant so much to so many.

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